Sri Lanka

When Dhaka-life gets tough the tough gets going, and If you are not so tough you can always go to Sri Lanka and drink pina colladas. This is what I did anyways, together with Frida and Svein from Fredskorpset. They also brought their friends Cecilie and Ragnhild.

First we climbed a great clip called the lion clip!


It was way more impressive than we imaginedDSC_0018

But after long and longer than long we reach the top


Some of us went to a whale safari. We saw a whale and a lot of dolphins, but taking picture was a challenge in the waves. I got this one of a dolphin


and we saw some fisher men in a 2D boat


And we got a picture of Doris


But no whale and this was all very stress full so we all agreed it was better just to relax at the beach

DSC_0090 - Kopi DSC_0104 - Kopi DSC_0114



Visit from Nepal

This weekend was great as I got a visit from Nepal:

DSC_0120 DSC_0122

Since the visit only lasted a couple of days, we skipped traveling and I tried to show what Dhaka had to offer. We took a lot of rickshaws and CNG (Svein and Frida more accurately called it “H√łnsenetting” (Chicken wire)) and got to see old Dhaka and some expat clubs, hopefully Frida have some pictures of this:)¬†

The last day we went to buy Risk, the board game, but as we did not find Risk at the store we ended up with something else…

The flat

As you might remember I had a vote a couple of months back to make you help me decide my new flat. I did choose the first one, but unfortunately the Dhaka bureaucracy was to much for me to handle, so I had to abandon the whole new apartment project for a while.

I did however find myself a new flat, only 6 months after my search started. It is pretty cool, but what is not cool is that I only have 2 months left, so I am wondering if it was worth the struggle… Anyway, here are some pictures:

The living room, with a nice TV:)


More living room and dining table


Mr. Gommes!


My room


Another room


Another room


Yet another room



Godt Valg!

I have done my duties as a citizen of Norway and voted for the general election. I will recommend that all my Norwegian friends to do the same, even if you vote blank, because if you don’t then you automatically loose your right to whine:)